Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Can you Get Credit Without any Credit Check ?

Obtaining a credit without a pay slip is possible when his situation simply does not allow to provide one (retired, self-employed). The conditions for obtaining your credit are different, and it is the tax notice that most often allows you to verify the presence of income. We will see all the cases in which it is possible to obtain a loan without a pay slip, including the case of employees.

The payslip, an essential document in the attribution of a credit

The pay slip or the pay slip allows the lending institution to verify the veracity of the information indicated during the credit simulation, and more particularly:
  • The nature of the employment contract (read credit in CDI )
  • Salary amount
  • seniority
Online credit organizations such as Sofinco, Cofidis, same day pay day installment loans  and other Cetelem systematically request at least the last pay slip in the list of supporting documents. In most cases, it is even at least the last two that are requested in order to constitute the file.

Credit without pay slip: in which cases is this possible?

credit without pay slip
Not everyone has a pay slip to justify their income. Here are the situations in which it is possible to obtain a loan of money without pay slip:
  • Retirement
  • Self-employed (self-employed)
  • In the case of a credit for disabled or handicapped person
It is important to know that all lending institutions are obliged to check the creditworthiness of each applicant before granting them a loan. As a result, it is unthinkable to obtain consumer credit without justifying your financial resources .
Even Cashper, a mini-credit establishment known in particular for accepting banking bans, demands at least a copy of a pay slip before giving its agreement.

What to do if there is no pay slip?

The most important thing is not to have a pay slip or not but to be able to justify your income . Thus, retirees, self-employed or even disabled will be able to rely on their tax assessment. Credit organizations absolutely do not close the doors of consumer credit to the self-employed.

What solutions as an employee?

It is unrealistic to hope for easy consumer credit without a salary slip as an employee, or even a small loan . Mistrust in the event of proposal and acceptance of a credit offer without having to provide a pay slip or a document making it possible to verify the financial resources. It may be a credit scam. Remember, however, that it is actually difficult to obtain credit on a fixed-term contract .